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[ADMIN POST] 170818 Project Pencil for #Happy818GDay 🎂 #Happy7thFGD 🎂

It’s that time of the year again! We are celebrating the one and only, Kwon Leader, G-Dragon’s birthday.


In celebration of G-Dragon’s birthday and Forever G-Dragon’s 7th anniversary, we have organized a special project.

It’s called “Project Pencil Drive”. It’s a collaboration with a local school in the Philippines. This is in support for the students’ national exam.


The students after receiving the boxes of pencils for their national exam. ^^


A promise… 7 years and counting…




[ADMIN POST] Celebrating #Happy28GDay @IBGDRGN and #Happy5thAnnivForeverGDragon! 150818


In celebration of our 5th anniversary and GD’s 28th birthday, we had projects showing our love for the one and only

G-Dragon of BIGBANG.

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[MISC] This is why we love GD and his fans….

As we all know, gd-supporters, one of GD’s fanclubs in Korea, donated $18000 dollars to a hospital under GD’s name..

Not only that, their website http://www.gd-supporters.com is so awesome!!!

Be sure to check them out!!

Click the different GD’s to explore the site 🙂

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[NEWS] Flo Rida, G-Dragon’s Birthday Celebration Shows Friendship

Hip-hop artist, Flo Rida, greets G-Dragon for his birthday.

On the 18th, Flo Rida, greeted G-Dragon for his 23rd birthday celebration, on his Twitter, attracting the attention of many netizens, when he tweeted, “Happy Birthday to G DRAGON!!!! RT Korea RT MUCH LOVE!!”

G-Dragon’s first solo album, “Heart Breaker,” was accused of plagiarizing Flo Rida, causing a controversy. But this was silenced when the American artist invited G-Dragon for a stage appearance for his concert in Seoul.

During the concert appearance, it seems that G-Dragon and Flo Rida can now boast a real friendship.

With Flo Rida’s greeting, netizens responded with, “Flo Rida really seems to like G-Dragon,” “Inter-country friendship is so nice,” and other nice comments.


Source: TV Daily
Translated by: Belle aka knucklepink

Happy Birthday, Kwon Jiyong! and Hello to you, Mistuh Flo000-ridaaaah!

[ARTICLE] GDSDESIRES…We Were a Trending Topic? Please read ^_^

RT @HuisuYoon it was the Korean singer, G-dragon’s birthday. thx! //(Cool! Happy Bday G-Dragon #GoodKoreanPop) – Ricky Martin

I also retweeted that one! First thing I thought when I saw Ricky Martin acknowledging GD’s b-day was – COOL! But that got me curious and I tried to check Ricky’s twitter page and I found THIS!!!!

LMAO! Ricky Martin’s gone crazy over happyGDay! But yeah, we have an answer to that RICKY! It’s REAL meaning (aside from the real REAL meaning. haha.) is GDSDESIRES day because it was our OFFICIAL OPENING yesterday! WE WERE A TRENDING TOPIC baby gers! ^^

[NEWS] G-Dragon’s fans donate over $18,000 to a hospital under his name

G-Dragon’s 23rd birthday seems to be getting wilder every second! We have already seen the mighty Flo Rida congratulate the superstar personally through twitter, but it now seems like it’s his fans’ turn to join the party.

[PHOTOS][Screencaps] B-day Greetings for Jiyong-Oppa!

cr: http://skdud4920.blog.me/150092259868





a lot of VIPs greeted Jiyong-Oppa in their naver blogs! There’s a lot more..

HAPPY B-DAY KWON JIYONG from gdsdesires/forever-gdragon!!!

[PHOTO/TWITTER][Screencap] happyGDay NUMBER ONE@Twitter Trending Topics!

YES! nhicoledale and I made sure that he stayed on TOP!!! WOOHOOO! haha. ❤

cr to nhicoledale for this msg: RT Kwon Ji Yong, the girl’s desires and boy’s biggest rival ^^ #happyGDay

edit: here’s a timeline of happyGDay event for tonight – got this idea from jas! ^^

around 7 pm
#happyGDay may not have reached #1 on the Trending List, but G-Dragon is always #1 in trends.
around 8 pm
Number 1 trending worldwide! Can’t get enough #happyGDay!
past 9 pm
dang we’re down to number 2 now.. awwwts 😦 #happyGDay

still credits to jinhichole18’s twitter page. ^^