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[VID][FANVID]뻑이가요 (Knock Out) GD&TOP, Dumbfoundead & DJ Zo「BUBBA KUSH」Rap & Remix


Dumbfoundead (aka Jonathan Park (24),Korean American) & DJ Zo is an emcee hip hop group from LA.They also collabo with Jay Park,J.Reyez and Clara and making many good records.You can hit them up here for more info.

Ahem,뻑이가요 has got tons of remix treatments now and I love how people twisted and bent Diplo’s beats with their unique swags.I’m wondering if it’s freestyle?Sounds so effing SICK!!Asain rules!

Via dumbfoundead



cr: TeamBigBang


[VIDEO][FANVID] GD ‘Obsession’ Cover

This amazing GD cover is one of many by Youtube user Anndrew!

He is almost getting as much love from VIPs as Big Bang themselves, and the rest of his covers can be found here…

Source: YT

[VIDEO][Cut] G-Dragon Cuts in Various Japanese Shows

I miss Jiyong in  Korea but seeing him in Japan is love too! 🙂

And that pink scarf appears again.. haha!!

I really love his orange blonde!? hair more than his red hair! 🙂

cr. kiraringo@YT

[VIDEO][Fanvid/Audio] G-Dragon vs. Britney – Heartbreaker vs. Toxic :D

I stumbled upon this when I was browsing naver blogs.. haha!

though I am not a Britney fan, this mash-up works! 🙂

what do you think?? i actually love it! hahaha!!

cr. dbsdydgml @ YT

[VIDEO][Fanvid] Pre-Debut pics of Big Bang

BECAUSE undoubtedly, GDragon is BIGBANG… here’s a little treat for all the VIPs ^^

LMAO! Save the best for last. lol.

But seriously, this video is full of uber sexiness and cuteness. ^^

Enjoy! Some of the pics were new to me… 🙂

cr: @YT