[ADMIN POST] Review of the FGD’s First and Second Projects for BIG SHOW 2012

Hello VIPs!

We know this is already a bit late, and in behalf of all the staff members, I would personally like to apologize for this shortcoming on our part. RL really got the best of me, and I haven’t got the time to post this as a form of appreciation to all those who donated and helped us in making this project come to life. TT_TT

In appreciation to all the donors, those who helped us in ever way they can… THANK YOU VERY KAMSA! ^^ Our simple words of gratitude can never amount to the happiness that we felt when you have decided to join our 2 projects. The fruits of our labor are displayed below as well.

We were able to collect a total of $1349.00 for our Wreath and Food projects. However, we were only able to give a total of $1130.87 to GDWORLD (who helped us in ordering the wreath and as part of our share for the food project). We are so thankful for GDWORLD in giving out their help to us. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! ^^

Some of the donations weren’t able to make it on time T_T , but rest assured that those will be used for our upcoming projects ^_^.

Here are the pics of our wreath: (we are sure that GD had seen our wreath because it is placed near the entrance and it was located near Daesung’s set of wreaths where his selca [with his wreaths] was taken^^)

Thank you to GDWORLD for taking pics of our wreath. ♥♥♥

For the food project, we will rely on the review that GDWORLD has posted on their site. We had it translated by our translator (thank you Lucy ^^) and here is their review (by the way, a little clarification before reading the rest of the translation, our fansite is made and handled by Filipino administrators, yet we are representing the rest of the international VIPs as well ^^, and we also have other international VIPs as staff members) :

Hello. I’m J who is the master of GDWORLD ^^
Everybody, did you enjoy the bigshow?
Bigshow had already ended 2months ago, but I can’t get over BigShow yet.
I remember that I was so sad because GD was so awesome yet Bigshow had to end day after day.

We prepared this support for Bigshow with “forever-gdragon” which is GD’s fansite from the Philippines.
And we sent it on 2nd day of Bigshow.

Here is our post about the project for Bigshow. Sorry because our comments about the project was posted late (Bigshow was on March, and we posted it just this April T_T)

1. GDWORLD’s fan

This is GDWORLD’s 5th fan. Fan and clay are GDWORLD’s symbol.
But sadly, this time GD’s concept photo was released late, so we will make another clay of GD on the next support (project).
Fans shouldn’t be missing in concerts +_+)S
Many people tweeted us that they saw our fans being used in pre-recording or in many recordings.
I feel really great because GD still used our fans which we sent 1 year ago.
Our fan will be made forever!!!!!

2. Basket of flowers.

We prepared this flower basket because this Bigshow is the begining of their world tour!!
We prepared Blue flowers which can be seen in this album.
We used “Kwon Jiyong, this stage is yours” before,
but this time, we use “Ruler of the stage, G-DRAGON” because we saw how active  he was in Running man.
And we put GD’s picture which is his concept photo.

3. Pillow for the neck.

We prepared it because GD will need it since world tour is already starting.
It’s a little unique, isn’t it? It looks like a life vest.
It was really comfortable when I shrug my hands into those pockets.
We bought it in Japan.
GD, please use it well when you’re on flight or going wherever by car!
We hope it will give comfort to GD.^^

4. Propolis & Propolis candy.

Propolis helps out with the body’s immunity; has soothing effect and is good for the neck.
So we prepared spray which is comfortable to use and a candy as well.
People said Comvita’s propolis is the best so we bought it from Comvita!!
But there is no spray from comvita so we bought it through foreign websites.
We hope it will be helpful to GD ^^

5. Finger food & Drink & Coffee from Coffee bean & Bakas

We prepared food which is easy to eat.
We heard that these days, Bigbang is keeping themselves in good shape so we prepared a “no fat recipe”.
We prepared food enough for thirty people for GD to eat together with the staff members.
There is no photo but we prepared catering package from coffee bean, so they can also drink warm coffee.
I heard that the managers really liked it.
And for Bigbang who perform for 3 days at the concerts!! So we send a lot of Bakas which is an invigorating drink.

6. Messages.

We asked people to tweet us messages for GD and many people sent us ^^
We wrote all of messages on GDWORLD’s postcards and put the messages into a postbox.
Thank you for tweeting us the messages ^^

First, Big thanks to Forever G-Dragon Fansite which is GD’s fansite for joining and believing us.
We are so happy to be with you.
And thank our offline members for handing out our fans at concert for 2 days and preparing this support together.
I love you our offline members +_+)/
And also thank our family of GDWORLD for supporting us as always
and please be with you always!!

🙂 We are looking for our offline members. If you want to join, send message for MASTER제이!
Again, we would like to thank all the people who have helped us in making this dream come true.
First of all, thank you to GDWORLD who believed in us and who have helped us in every way they can. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to reach out to the one and only Kwon Jiyong, aka G-Dragon, and make him see how he is also loved by VIPs all over the world. Thank you so much! We are so blessed to be with you. ^^
Second, thank you to all those who have supported us in every way they can. Those who helped us whenever we faced problems and such, you know who you are. We can never express how happy we are especially with the amount of support we got from the donors, who believed in us despite the fact that it is our first project ever (for this site). Thank you thank you thank you!  감사합니다, ありがとう, muchas gracias, maraming salamat, 谢谢, and in every other language that we can. THANK YOU!  
We are all aware of everything that had happened this past 2011. This comeback, as we have mentioned during the promotion of the two projects, meant a lot more than just another comeback. It was the time to prove that we are always and will forever be by our BIGBANG. We, being the best fans, will not be here without them. Thank you G-Dragon, Kwon Jiyong, oppa! Thank you BIGBANG.

caption: GD says thank you too, and sends us kisses~ chu! ~ HAHA /oh the fangirl in me.

From Forever G-Dragon and GDWORLD


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