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[VIDEO][FANCAM] 170624 ACT MOTTE in Singapore

Untitled, 2014

Divina Commedia

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[VIDEO][FANCAM] 160820 BIGBANG 0 TO 10 in Seoul

Lies Encore

Sunset Glow Encore

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[VIDEO][MV] BIGBANG releases Official Music Video for MADE ‘E’

Let’s Not Love (우리사랑하지말아요)

Zutter (쩔어)


[VIDEO][LIVE] BIGBANG on Naver V App Countdown Live 150804

Zutter (쩔어) MV Making

Let’s Not Love (우리 사랑하지 말아요) MV Making

Source: GirlsGenerationVEVO SNSD

More video cuts will be added once available!

I’m personally so excited for Zutter. I can’t wait to see G-dragon and T.O.P as a unit again. It took them years to be back as GD&TOP. Not to mention, there is still ‘Let’s not Love’. Too many things to look forwardsto in less than 15 minutes!

[VIDEO][CUT] 150728 BIGBANG’s BANG BANG BANG x “The Big Bang Theory”

BIGBANG’s hit song BANG BANG BANG was used as a popular US TV series’ background music for one of its advertisements. The said US TV series is also known as “The Big Bang Theory”. Fascinating that after years of being connected as 2 of the most popular versions of the term “Big Bang”, it is just now that their paths have crossed. Enjoy the short advertisement of the hit TV series and at the same time, dance along with BANG BANG BANG!

A/N: Isn’t it amazing?! ^^

cr: RTÉ2 @youtube | chiochana @ Forever G-Dragon