[ADMIN POST] The SECOND Round of the KwonLeadahLove Game Series

Yes, you’ve read it right! For those who were able to join the last time we had the contest, well, congrats to you!!  Especially to the winners, 축하합니다!! 😀

We all know, as VIPs and as GD stans that this is a tough situation that we’re facing as of the moment. But please, do not lose hope! Have faith and trust that everything will eventually come into place. Oppa will come back! 🙂

As preparations for that comeback (no matter when he will come back: VIPs! Patience is a VIRTUE!) we are giving away special prizes for the lucky followers of this blog, who dedicate their love to our oppa, G-Dragon.

BUT! The prizes will be given away through contests! 🙂 yep, haha! As admins, we would like to make sure that the winners are the righteous and most deserving ones. So join us this coming October 22, 10PM KST in our contest that will be held in twitter! 🙂 don’t forget to follow us:

@KwonLeadahlove in twitter 😀

till then!  작별 인사!

admin jjanabanana

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