[ADMIN POST][UPDATED]January Contest for the KwonLeadahLove Contest Series entitled “LAY it all OUT! The Forever G-Dragon LAYOUT Contest”

Hi VIPs, especially GD stans!

As a continuation of the former KwonLeadahLove contest series, this time, it’s gotten bigger and more surprises await you! To continue sharing the BIGBANG, especially G-Dragon love, the FGD staff has prepared a special contest for you VIPs! What’s at stake? BIGBANG Album 4.5! YAY!

The mechanics for the contest are:

1. The contestant must be following Forever-GDragon & BigBangPH on Twitter (twitter.com/Forever_GDragon & twitter.com/BigBangPH)

2. The contestant’s Twitter account must be in public.


  • The person shall focus on the header than the background design. He or she should just pattern the bg depending on the header’s message or theme. Anything to do with the fansite’s name: Forever G-Dragon
  • The color combination should be white, black and yellow.
  • The picture to be used must be in High Quality, and must be based from G-Dragon’s Bean Pole Photoshoot scans published on Dec. 2011.
  • Dimensions should be: bg = 1368×662 pixels ; header = 978×288 pixels.
  • It should be based from the theme found in WP which is… “itheme2” (http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/itheme2/
  • It should be in JPEG or PNG.
  • Shall submit two photos: one as the header and the other as the background.
  • Remember that only one entry from each person will be considered. The submission of multiple entries will have you disqualified from the contest.
  • Be original! If we notice anything similar to other sites, we will disqualify the entry as well. Remember that this layout will be used by Forever G-Dragon Fansite for two months. This means, until BIGBANG’s comeback and BIG SHOW 2012, this will be used by the site. Don’t worry because we’ll have you credited for your work =).

4. The entries must be submitted by Jan. 20, 2012, 12 noon KST, through email with the following format:
To: forever.kwonjiyong@yahoo.com
Subject: My Entry for Lay it all OUT! the Forever G-Dragon Layout-Making Contest
*Attach the File (Layout)*
Twitter Username:
Contact Number:

How will the winner be chosen?

1. The Forever-GDragon admins/staffs will be choosing the top entry from all the submitted entries on Jan. 21, 2012.

2. The winner will be announced on that day as well. There will be no more RTs in this contest, for this to be much simpler and more hassle-free for the admins as well as the contestants as well. ^_^

3. Rest assured that the admins will determine the winner bias-free.

GOGOGO VIPs!! Join this contest and win BIGBANG’s 4.5 album! 😀 This contest is open for all VIPs worldwide ^^ 

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