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[ARTICLE] G-Dragon’s Cutest Old School Moments 120902

Before G-Dragon was the fearless leader of Big Bang, he was a superstar-in-training.

Most of his fans know that G-Dragon has been in front of the cameras since he was a tiny tot, and while he’s killing us with his charisma now, then, he was killing moms with the cute.

We’ve rounded up some of G-Dragon’s cutest old school moments for you below, so read on and try to keep the goo-goo-gaga baby talk to a minimum.
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For the guy who loves yellow [and the sea of yellow=VIPs] so much…


and for the Leader who never fails to amaze fans [and haters alike]


for the person, so young, yet so talented…


the singer, rapper, leader, dancer, song-writer, arranger, most of all…


for the person who INSPIRES us all… and the reason of our existence and never-ending bonds…



We may be busy with our RL’s nowadays, but we will never fail to greet you on your special day. 🙂

In behalf of the admins, we are sorry for the temporary hiatus of our blogsite for our Kwon Leader… but we’ll be back… SOON 🙂 ♥♥♥

just a little trivia:

this blogsite for G-Dragon was made in this very day last year. 🙂 IT’S OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY AS WELL 😀 this was a bday gift for GD, a way to show our endless love for him 🙂

admin jjanabanana

[MISC] GD’s Translated Nate Message ^^


To. My Fan

Hi,it’s GD.

I really read all the Nate Mails that are often sent to us.

I’m so grateful for your support and we keep on seeing you with a better look.

I hope that you will be happy in every day.

Be careful not to catch the cold.Thank you so much.


Credit: TeamBIGBANG



[MISC] Most expensive gift a VIP gave to GD? :)


Source: cheer-dragon @Tumblr


According to the one who posted this, this is the most expensive gift a fan gave to GDragon for his bday. ^^ aigoo. rich VIP. kk

[FANMADE/PHOTO] G-Dragon’s Paper Model


@PandaBoBo‘spaper model given as a gift to BIGBANG

Source: codeboram + ganzi78 @ twitter and VIC

Reuploaded by: jjanabanana@gdsdesires

[VIDEO][Good to Backtrack] G-Dragon singing “Run It”

some of you guys may have seen this already but for those who haven’t..

Check this video out! This is one of my favorite GD vids!! 🙂

GD has a nice singing voice right? I wish he sings more! haha!

cr. grgttetete