[ADMIN POST] November Contest for the KwonLeadahLove Contest Series

Hi VIPs, especially GD stans!

As a continuity of the former KwonLeadahLove contest series, this time, it’s gotten bigger and more surprises await you! To start this over, this November 26, 2011, as a celebration for the NEW domain of the site (formerly forevergdragon88.wordpress.com to forever_gdragon.com) the FGD staff has prepared a special contest for you VIPs! What’s at stake? GD&TOP New album cover! yay! =))

The mechanics for this contest are as follows:

1st: the person MUST be following Forever_GDragon and BBPH
2nd: the person’s account must be in public

pic rules: NO COPY and PASTE. The pictures must be uploaded in their own twitter account (twitpic/yfrog/lockerz)

3rd: even the one who’s going to RT should be following BBPH and FGD

The format is: RT #VIPsUntilWheneverContest @Forever_GDragon @bigbangph (picture)

4th: There can only be ONE entry per person, it will be difficult for you to gather as much RTs as you want if you’ll have many entries.

5th: The theme is VIPs Until Whenever, it will depend on you how you’ll interpret this line. The focus will be BIGBANG of course, but you can also take into consideration that the bias of our fansite is no other than Kwon Leader himself.
The fansign should be placed on any piece of paper (cardboard, illustration board, colored paper.. etc. depending on your choice). You may or may not include yourself in the photo that you will submit. This should have a/n illustration/design and a message as well. IF it only includes a drawing OR only a message, this will be disqualified. The fansign can be computerized or handdrawn/written.
The voting will be composed of 50% from the admins present (FGD) and 50% from the most no. of RTs garnered by the entry.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: November 26, 2011. The day of the contest itself. You will tweet us the picture and that will be your official entry. That is when we’ll count the number of RTs that you will gain all throughout the contest period (10PM kst-12AM kst) The contest will only run for 2 hours.

GOGOGO VIPs! Do your best! Stay tuned for more announcements and surprises. ^^
Thank you to BIGBANGPH for helping us promote this project! Thank you! ♥

One thought on “[ADMIN POST] November Contest for the KwonLeadahLove Contest Series”

  1. Okey, Je comprend que GD est super et cool et tout mais je pense que c’est un peu trop. Ny fiainana tsy nofy fona tsara raha manaraka an’izany fa tsy manao Obssession @ olona iray. Ny fiainana tsy i G Dragon foana


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