[ANNOUNCEMENT][2ND PROJECT] Food for Kwon Leadah: A Joint Project of Forever G-Dragon and GDWORLD

Hi VIPs! In anticipation for BIG BANG’s Comeback, and their BIG SHOW 2012 this coming March 2-4, 2012, we already presented you with our Rice Wreath project. Link here: http://forever-gdragon.com/2012/01/05/announcement-fgds-first-project-its-year-of-the-g-dragon-welcome-back-oorin-kwon-leadah/.

However, we want to further make this a special comeback for our one and only Kwon Leader. We know our leader had been in one of his toughest times last year, and as fans, we would like him to feel our support, especially from IVIPs. Our 2nd project is: Food for our Leader: Snacks to brighten up G-Dragon’s day ^_^.

For the snacks, we will be collaborating with one of  GD’s renowned Korean Fansites, GDWORLD. Together, we’ll be needing to pay for USD $1,500 for the snacks that we’d be giving out to GD, from production, to back stage, to artists. Snacks will be composed of Fruits, Drinks and Sandwiches.

We will be accepting donations through Western Union. If you’re interested, please e-mail us at forever.kwonjiyong@yahoo.com or mention us @Forever_GDragon in twitter.

Deadline for donations will be on Feb. 15 since we’ll still need to send the money to South Korea for the completion of the project. Paypal details: 

Paypal Donation:

Subject: Big Show 2012 Project
Email: forever.kwonjiyong@yahoo.com

Donation Amount: _________

Thank you for taking interest in this 2nd project of Forever G-Dragon site. I hope you will help us in making this project a reality, especially because we would be collaborating with GDWORLD, @GDWORLD_ and this will further assure you that GD will be able to accept our snacks for him.


Forever G-Dragon and GDWORLD

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