[ADMIN POST] Announcement of the November ‘FANSIGN’ Contest

As we have announced in our twitter account, the winner for the November contest of the KwonLeadahLove contest series is no other than user @GDJane12! Congratulations dear!! 🙂

For transparency and clarifications, this is the breakdown of the percentage of scores:

For the no. of RTs: (50% of the total scores)

ohitslai = 39.29%, mirrahutami = 10.71, jtodaekz = 12.5, gdjane12 = 21.43, MCBM21 = 16.07

For the votes of the admins present during the contest: (50% of the total scores)

GDJane12= 25% and MCBM21= 25%

adding it up: GDJane12 got 46.43%

2nd place: MCBM21: 41.07%

3rd place: OhItsLai: 39.29%

4th place: jtodaekz = 12.5

5th place: mirrahutami = 10.71

All of them were wonderful and very beautifully done! We, FGD staff, had a hard time in choosing who deserves our votes. In the end, we were divided by the 1st and 2nd placers. 🙂 We hope you enjoyed the contest. Keep checking our site and our twitter account for more details on the upcoming contests. Don’t lose hope guys! Luck comes to those who wait 😉

-admin Jana

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