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For the guy who loves yellow [and the sea of yellow=VIPs] so much…


and for the Leader who never fails to amaze fans [and haters alike]


for the person, so young, yet so talented…


the singer, rapper, leader, dancer, song-writer, arranger, most of all…


for the person who INSPIRES us all… and the reason of our existence and never-ending bonds…



We may be busy with our RL’s nowadays, but we will never fail to greet you on your special day. 🙂

In behalf of the admins, we are sorry for the temporary hiatus of our blogsite for our Kwon Leader… but we’ll be back… SOON 🙂 ♥♥♥

just a little trivia:

this blogsite for G-Dragon was made in this very day last year. 🙂 IT’S OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY AS WELL 😀 this was a bday gift for GD, a way to show our endless love for him 🙂

admin jjanabanana

[MISC] Most expensive gift a VIP gave to GD? :)


Source: cheer-dragon @Tumblr


According to the one who posted this, this is the most expensive gift a fan gave to GDragon for his bday. ^^ aigoo. rich VIP. kk

[FANMADE/PHOTO] G-Dragon’s Paper Model


@PandaBoBo‘spaper model given as a gift to BIGBANG

Source: codeboram + ganzi78 @ twitter and VIC

Reuploaded by: jjanabanana@gdsdesires

[MISC] The G-Book: A Gift from DCGD fans 100820

This was one of the gifts given to G-dragon from his fans at DCGD. It’s a book which contains informations, pictures, and stuffs about our boy, G-Dragon

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[MISC] GDragon’s UFO message 100820


GDragon’s translated UFO message:

Thank you to everyone who wishes me Happy Birthday, will produce a quality album to celebrate BIG BANG 4th Anniversary. You will wait for us right? ^^”G”

source: UFO Town via 汏爱GD
translation: katiemailer +


[MISC] This is why we love GD and his fans….

As we all know, gd-supporters, one of GD’s fanclubs in Korea, donated $18000 dollars to a hospital under GD’s name..

Not only that, their website is so awesome!!!

Be sure to check them out!!

Click the different GD’s to explore the site 🙂

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[NEWS] Flo Rida, G-Dragon’s Birthday Celebration Shows Friendship

Hip-hop artist, Flo Rida, greets G-Dragon for his birthday.

On the 18th, Flo Rida, greeted G-Dragon for his 23rd birthday celebration, on his Twitter, attracting the attention of many netizens, when he tweeted, “Happy Birthday to G DRAGON!!!! RT Korea RT MUCH LOVE!!”

G-Dragon’s first solo album, “Heart Breaker,” was accused of plagiarizing Flo Rida, causing a controversy. But this was silenced when the American artist invited G-Dragon for a stage appearance for his concert in Seoul.

During the concert appearance, it seems that G-Dragon and Flo Rida can now boast a real friendship.

With Flo Rida’s greeting, netizens responded with, “Flo Rida really seems to like G-Dragon,” “Inter-country friendship is so nice,” and other nice comments.


Source: TV Daily
Translated by: Belle aka knucklepink

Happy Birthday, Kwon Jiyong! and Hello to you, Mistuh Flo000-ridaaaah!

[ARTICLE] GDSDESIRES…We Were a Trending Topic? Please read ^_^

RT @HuisuYoon it was the Korean singer, G-dragon’s birthday. thx! //(Cool! Happy Bday G-Dragon #GoodKoreanPop) – Ricky Martin

I also retweeted that one! First thing I thought when I saw Ricky Martin acknowledging GD’s b-day was – COOL! But that got me curious and I tried to check Ricky’s twitter page and I found THIS!!!!

LMAO! Ricky Martin’s gone crazy over happyGDay! But yeah, we have an answer to that RICKY! It’s REAL meaning (aside from the real REAL meaning. haha.) is GDSDESIRES day because it was our OFFICIAL OPENING yesterday! WE WERE A TRENDING TOPIC baby gers! ^^