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[MISC][Trans] Hi Panda’s New Endorser is BIGBANG’s G-Dragon!

HI PANDA is a Shanghai local brand, focusing on international branding and trends, incorporating youth street wear as well as harlem and hiphop fashion. In a short 7 years, HIPANDA has became the market leader in China’s fashion world. Collaborating with the Hallyu Star GDRAGON, it will definitely be the most commonly talked about brand in Asia.

G-Dragon - HIPANDA - 2015 - dragonnn0818 - 02

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[ADMIN POST] Celebrating #Happy28GDay @IBGDRGN and #Happy5thAnnivForeverGDragon! 150818


In celebration of our 5th anniversary and GD’s 28th birthday, we had projects showing our love for the one and only

G-Dragon of BIGBANG.

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[VIDEO][LIVE] BIGBANG on Naver V App Countdown Live 150804

Zutter (쩔어) MV Making

Let’s Not Love (우리 사랑하지 말아요) MV Making

Source: GirlsGenerationVEVO SNSD

More video cuts will be added once available!

I’m personally so excited for Zutter. I can’t wait to see G-dragon and T.O.P as a unit again. It took them years to be back as GD&TOP. Not to mention, there is still ‘Let’s not Love’. Too many things to look forwardsto in less than 15 minutes!

[VIDEO][CUT] 150728 BIGBANG’s BANG BANG BANG x “The Big Bang Theory”

BIGBANG’s hit song BANG BANG BANG was used as a popular US TV series’ background music for one of its advertisements. The said US TV series is also known as “The Big Bang Theory”. Fascinating that after years of being connected as 2 of the most popular versions of the term “Big Bang”, it is just now that their paths have crossed. Enjoy the short advertisement of the hit TV series and at the same time, dance along with BANG BANG BANG!

A/N: Isn’t it amazing?! ^^

cr: RTÉ2 @youtube | chiochana @ Forever G-Dragon

[OTHER] Singapore Group Order for Always-GD Birthday Project


Price inclusive of EMS + Paypal fees: $11 SGD EACH

(This is based on the quantity of 20! Price will change if there are more orders!)


Items: Bandana (50cmx50cm) + 8 photo postcards

Price inclusive of EMS + Paypal fees: $36 SGD EACH


Items: Photobook (188pages) + Bandana (50cmx50cm) + DVD (approx 80 mins) + 8 photo postcards + wrist band

Price inclusive of EMS + Paypal fees: $79 SGD EACH

Special gift for early payment:

Set A: Always-GD badge

Set B: Always-GD bottle (500mL)

(Both Set A and B are based on the quantity of 4! The price may change if there are more orders! ^^)

Bank account: POSB Savings 057-80678-8

Deadline: 27 July 11:59PM SG time

Delivery date: mid August~ Sept 2015 (to be confirmed with Always-GD)

Mass Meetup: Woodlands MRT / Choa Chu Kang MRT / Jurong East MRT

Collection will be by mass meet up! If you want normal or registered postage, there will be added charges. (This will be updated once I received the item. ^^)

Please send us an e-mail AFTER you have transferred the money for verification. ^^

E-mail to forever-gdragon@hotmail.com

Subject: Always-GD Bday Project


Contact Number:

E-mail address:

Item: WITHICE Bracelet / Set A / Set B

Colour: pink / blue / green / orange / red (ONLY if you are buying WITHICE bracelet)


Mode of Payment: ibanking/ATM transfer/Cash deposit

Amount paid:

Mode of Collection: Mass Meetup/ Normal / Registered Postage


1. We are not getting any profit on this. We are just doing this to help everyone get the items in a cheaper price. ^^

2.It may take at most 24~48 hours for us to reply to your e-mail for verification so please be patient. If we do not reply back after 48 hours, please mention us @Forever_Gdragon at twitter ^^

3. Payment MUST be made before sending us an e-mail.

4. Proof of payment: photo of the receipt / screenshot of ibanking transfer MUST be attached to the e-mail.

5. If you are opting for normal or registered postage, the postage fee will be made after I received the items. We will e-mail you about the fee later on.

6. Once you have made your order, there will be NO REFUND.

Thank you! If you have further questions, please mention us @Forever_Gdragon at twitter. We’ll try to reply as soon as we can!

[VIDEO][FANCAM] BIGBANG Made in Singapore Day 1 Encore G-dragon Focused 150718

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