[OTHER] Singapore Group Order for Always-GD Birthday Project


Price inclusive of EMS + Paypal fees: $11 SGD EACH

(This is based on the quantity of 20! Price will change if there are more orders!)


Items: Bandana (50cmx50cm) + 8 photo postcards

Price inclusive of EMS + Paypal fees: $36 SGD EACH


Items: Photobook (188pages) + Bandana (50cmx50cm) + DVD (approx 80 mins) + 8 photo postcards + wrist band

Price inclusive of EMS + Paypal fees: $79 SGD EACH

Special gift for early payment:

Set A: Always-GD badge

Set B: Always-GD bottle (500mL)

(Both Set A and B are based on the quantity of 4! The price may change if there are more orders! ^^)

Bank account: POSB Savings 057-80678-8

Deadline: 27 July 11:59PM SG time

Delivery date: mid August~ Sept 2015 (to be confirmed with Always-GD)

Mass Meetup: Woodlands MRT / Choa Chu Kang MRT / Jurong East MRT

Collection will be by mass meet up! If you want normal or registered postage, there will be added charges. (This will be updated once I received the item. ^^)

Please send us an e-mail AFTER you have transferred the money for verification. ^^

E-mail to forever-gdragon@hotmail.com

Subject: Always-GD Bday Project


Contact Number:

E-mail address:

Item: WITHICE Bracelet / Set A / Set B

Colour: pink / blue / green / orange / red (ONLY if you are buying WITHICE bracelet)


Mode of Payment: ibanking/ATM transfer/Cash deposit

Amount paid:

Mode of Collection: Mass Meetup/ Normal / Registered Postage


1. We are not getting any profit on this. We are just doing this to help everyone get the items in a cheaper price. ^^

2.It may take at most 24~48 hours for us to reply to your e-mail for verification so please be patient. If we do not reply back after 48 hours, please mention us @Forever_Gdragon at twitter ^^

3. Payment MUST be made before sending us an e-mail.

4. Proof of payment: photo of the receipt / screenshot of ibanking transfer MUST be attached to the e-mail.

5. If you are opting for normal or registered postage, the postage fee will be made after I received the items. We will e-mail you about the fee later on.

6. Once you have made your order, there will be NO REFUND.

Thank you! If you have further questions, please mention us @Forever_Gdragon at twitter. We’ll try to reply as soon as we can!

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