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[VIDEO][Cut] G-Dragon Cuts in Various Japanese Shows

I miss Jiyong in  Korea but seeing him in Japan is love too! 🙂

And that pink scarf appears again.. haha!!

I really love his orange blonde!? hair more than his red hair! 🙂

cr. kiraringo@YT

[VIDEO][Fanvid/Audio] G-Dragon vs. Britney – Heartbreaker vs. Toxic :D

I stumbled upon this when I was browsing naver blogs.. haha!

though I am not a Britney fan, this mash-up works! 🙂

what do you think?? i actually love it! hahaha!!

cr. dbsdydgml @ YT

[VIDEO][Fanvid/RadioShow] G-Dragon looking bored?

Gotta love this video. ^^ He’s uberly bored. Hehe, seems like boredom can really kill you. :))