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[VIDEO][Subbed] Big Bang FILA_EON Self camera

Kwon Ji Yong and the boys with their self-cam during FILA_EON photoshoot. ^_^

Big Bang love. ^^

cr. The21BANGSTV for the subbed vid.

[NEWS] GD’s VIVI Magazine Interview

This is a bit late but I’m sure that you want to know GD’s type of girls right? ^_^
Someone who’s hardworking in her job. When it’s part of their “human nature”, that’s where their “internal charm” comes from.
Q: What if you meet her?
I won’t panic. (Smiles) Since we don’t know each other yet, I want to approach her slowly. Because I don’t know if she likes me or not, I’m going to be careful.
Q: Japanese word you learned recently?
Nantonaku (Laughs) *Somehow in Japanese
Q: Fashion item in Tokyo you like?
Kimono! I like the soft material it’s made of. And you can wear it in your own style like a cape or a coat.
Q: Where would you want to go in Tokyo?
Tsutaya! (Japanese CD Shop) In Korea, it’s difficult to do things like drink tea or read a book in the park. But in Japan, since a number of people don’t know us yet, we can go to a CD store or read a book. I want to go to Tsutaya Ropponggi!
Q: Say something about today’s fashion.
Jeremy Scott jacket and Louboutin shoes. Since my figure is slim, I can wear both men and women’s clothes. My interest in fashion started when I was 4 or 5 because my mom likes clothes. We would go shopping together. I would cut and sew clothes by myself.

[PHOTOS] GDragon performing Hallelujah at Big Show 100820

Pic Spam of G-dragon

More under the cut…

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[VIDEO][Cut] G-dragon’s cut in Big Bang 1 Night 2 Days Parody

Source: DCGD

We know you want a dose of GD being his dorky self again! ^^ Here’s a treat for you guys. 🙂 But we still have to wait for translations to enjoy the vid more. Stay updated!

BONUS: GD&TOP scene ^^

Source: DCGD

This one’s cute! Tabi and GD getting emotional? Kekeke. Enjoy!

[NEWS] G-dragon, to produce their NEW ALBUM for their Korean Comeback…

Group Big Bang is set for comeback the later half of this year.

It is revealed that the earliest they will have their comeback in Korea is in October. They are set to released their 2nd album 2 years after their last album released in November 2008 with title song ‘Sunset Glow’.

YG Entertainment told MTStarNews on 20th August, “Big Bang will be releasing their new album coming October~November. We are looking at a full length album release.” Continue reading [NEWS] G-dragon, to produce their NEW ALBUM for their Korean Comeback…


Credits: DCGD

Here are some pics of Jiyong taken during their SUMMER SONIC perf(thanks to jaslovesyg for the tip and jinhichole18 for uploading the pics). You can see him sporting another beanie, a CHROME HEARTS Acryl Beanie this time. Hmmm, I wonder how much it costs. GD,give us(girls of gdsdesires!) some of your beanies please!!! ㄲㄲㄲㄲ

[VIDEO][Message] BIGBANG’s 4th Anniversary Message to Fans! 100819

cr.gilbakk2010@yt – click this link to watch the vid straight from

credits: ygbigbang

A/N: It looks like they really partied hard last night(for GD’s bday) because they all really look tired! But don’t worry Ji, you still look HOT. ^^