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[VIDEO][Subbed] BIGBANG on Naver Starcast 150630

Source: TV Entertainment

(This video is not subbed fully. However, you’ll get the gist of it. Nonetheless, thanks to the subber! This post will be updated once another video that is fully subbed is out. ^^)

[VIDEO][Subbed] Bigbang on Happy Together 150521

Source: Kpopism Online

(Turn on the CC to view the English subtitles. ^^ Oh! And use earphones for the audio!)

[VIDEO][Subbed] BIGBANG on Naver Starcast 150601

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[VIDEO][Subbed] G-Dragon’s Cyworld Message 120918


Source: bbvipchannel

[VIDEO][Subbed] G-dragon’s Interview Cut on SBS Inkigayo 120916


Source: bbvipchannel

[VIDEO][Subbed] G-dragon’s ‘One of a Kind’ Countdown Live 120914

Source: bbvipchannel

[VIDEO][Subbed] BIGBANG on New Entertainment Online/Tokyo Girls Collection 120908


Source: bbvipchannel