[ARTICLE] GDSDESIRES…We Were a Trending Topic? Please read ^_^

RT @HuisuYoon it was the Korean singer, G-dragon’s birthday. thx! //(Cool! Happy Bday G-Dragon #GoodKoreanPop) – Ricky Martin

I also retweeted that one! First thing I thought when I saw Ricky Martin acknowledging GD’s b-day was – COOL! But that got me curious and I tried to check Ricky’s twitter page and I found THIS!!!!

LMAO! Ricky Martin’s gone crazy over happyGDay! But yeah, we have an answer to that RICKY! It’s REAL meaning (aside from the real REAL meaning. haha.) is GDSDESIRES day because it was our OFFICIAL OPENING yesterday! WE WERE A TRENDING TOPIC baby gers! ^^

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