[NEWS] Flo Rida, G-Dragon’s Birthday Celebration Shows Friendship

Hip-hop artist, Flo Rida, greets G-Dragon for his birthday.

On the 18th, Flo Rida, greeted G-Dragon for his 23rd birthday celebration, on his Twitter, attracting the attention of many netizens, when he tweeted, “Happy Birthday to G DRAGON!!!! RT Korea RT MUCH LOVE!!”

G-Dragon’s first solo album, “Heart Breaker,” was accused of plagiarizing Flo Rida, causing a controversy. But this was silenced when the American artist invited G-Dragon for a stage appearance for his concert in Seoul.

During the concert appearance, it seems that G-Dragon and Flo Rida can now boast a real friendship.

With Flo Rida’s greeting, netizens responded with, “Flo Rida really seems to like G-Dragon,” “Inter-country friendship is so nice,” and other nice comments.


Source: TV Daily
Translated by: Belle aka knucklepink

Happy Birthday, Kwon Jiyong! and Hello to you, Mistuh Flo000-ridaaaah!

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