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[NEWS] G-dragon Top 3 in Fashion and Beauty List

G-dragon is Top 3 on High Cut’s Fashion and Beauty Icon’s List

With the trends he started, I am not surprised 🙂

list after the cut..

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[NEWS] Big Bang’s graduation photos, ‘GDragon is full of charisma’.

(August 22, 2010)

Big Bang’s graduation photos are the talk of the town.

On the 22nd, Big Bang members’ G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong), TOP (Choi Seung Hyun), Taeyang (Dong Young Bae), Daesung (Kang Dae Sung), and Seungri (Lee Seung Hyun) graduation photos were posted online, drawing in the attention of netizens.

[NEWS] GDragon’s radical transformation into punk style

Big Bang G-Dragon’s radical transformation into punk style in photoshoot (August 23, 2010)Big Bang’s G-Dragon transformed into a fancy street kid through a photo shoot for fashion magazine ‘W Korea.’

G-Dragon’s photo shoot was part of the stylist special of the September issue of ‘W Korea,’ and was paired up with Big Bang’s stylist Ji Eun. With the theme of high fashion meets street punk with a hot spark for this photo shoot, stylist Ji Eun chose G-Dragon as the model that best fit the concept. And with his overflowing sense and acting ability, G-Dragon showed off how perfectly in-sync he was with his stylist.

An official on set praised him saying, “It was a photo shoot in which Big Bang’s strong DNA was evident.”G-Dragon’s photo shoot can be seen in the September issue of ‘W Korea,’ and the behind-the-scenes photos and interview will be released on the ‘W’ homepage ( on September 3.

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[NEWS] Big Bang Hangover Interview on Yahoo Japan

Released after ‘Tell Me Goodbye’ which is the theme song of the popular drama ‘Iris’, BIGBANG now released ‘Beautiful Hangover’, their newest Japanese single. The style of this new song is different from the previous one which is filled with sadness but this one is an electronic song with the rhythm that you want to dance on the dance floor when you are listening to it. Please come over to feel the relaxing steps of ‘SUMMER BIGBANG’!
The new song ‘Beautiful Hangover’ is totally different from ‘Tell Me Goodbye’!
D-Lite: Yes, it is a song that you just want to dance along when listening to it.
G-Dragon: Actually, we have been deliberately changing the impression that we deliver to the people, we are trying to revolt the impression that we gave you the previous time from time to time.
TOP: It is just like we just want to have a step forward every time. At the same time, we want to show a brand new side of BIGBANG to all of you every now and then. We are striving for this continuously and we also feel satisfied by doing this.

[NEWS] G-dragon, to produce their NEW ALBUM for their Korean Comeback…

Group Big Bang is set for comeback the later half of this year.

It is revealed that the earliest they will have their comeback in Korea is in October. They are set to released their 2nd album 2 years after their last album released in November 2008 with title song ‘Sunset Glow’.

YG Entertainment told MTStarNews on 20th August, “Big Bang will be releasing their new album coming October~November. We are looking at a full length album release.” Continue reading [NEWS] G-dragon, to produce their NEW ALBUM for their Korean Comeback…

[NEWS] G-Dragon’s fans donate over $18,000 to a hospital under his name

G-Dragon’s 23rd birthday seems to be getting wilder every second! We have already seen the mighty Flo Rida congratulate the superstar personally through twitter, but it now seems like it’s his fans’ turn to join the party.

[ARTICLE][Survey] Guess who ranked no. 1 as Korean Women’s Most Wanted Boyfriend 10.08.17

100817 Korean Women’s Most Wanted Boyfriends

(T/N: This is a poll for Kpop music fans to vote, the top 20 places were the most wanted celebrity boyfriend.)

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[ADMIN POST] Happy Birthday Baby Boy! The Birth of Forever G-Dragon Fansite ^_^

This blog is created at exactly G-Dragon’s 23rd birthday. Last year, his first solo album also debuted on his bday. This great man’s album was on top of sales charts, and his solo concert was sold out in a matter of 10 minutes.

His album– HEARTBREAKER–consists of 10 tracks:

1.A boy



4.Butterfly feat. Jin Jung

5.Hello feat. Dara

6.Gossip Man feat. Kim Gun Mo

7.Korean Dream feat. Taeyang

8.The Leaders feat. Teddy & CL

9.Shes Gone feat. Kush

10. 1Year Station

He won a number of mutizen awards for his title track, Heartbreaker.

There had been news that he will have his solo comeback on 2011. No definite date yet was given by his management, YGEntertainment. Currently, G-Dragon and the whole of Big Bang are promoting in Japan, and are very well-received.