[ADMIN POST] Happy Birthday Baby Boy! The Birth of Forever G-Dragon Fansite ^_^

This blog is created at exactly G-Dragon’s 23rd birthday. Last year, his first solo album also debuted on his bday. This great man’s album was on top of sales charts, and his solo concert was sold out in a matter of 10 minutes.

His album– HEARTBREAKER–consists of 10 tracks:

1.A boy



4.Butterfly feat. Jin Jung

5.Hello feat. Dara

6.Gossip Man feat. Kim Gun Mo

7.Korean Dream feat. Taeyang

8.The Leaders feat. Teddy & CL

9.Shes Gone feat. Kush

10. 1Year Station

He won a number of mutizen awards for his title track, Heartbreaker.

There had been news that he will have his solo comeback on 2011. No definite date yet was given by his management, YGEntertainment. Currently, G-Dragon and the whole of Big Bang are promoting in Japan, and are very well-received.

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