[INFO/NEWS] ‘Glee’ Star Kevin McHale Loves Big Bang and G-Dragon

The K-Pop bug has bitten another US celebrity.

Kevin McHale of the US television series, Glee showed his newfound love for Big Bang, especially G-Dragon.

On October 9, Kevin McHale held a Q&A session with his fans on Twitter.

When asked who his favorite K-pop band or singer was, Kevin McHale replied, “G-Dragon.”

On October 10, he tweeted, “Can’t go to bed. Can’t stop watching BIG BANG/G-Dragon/T.O.P videos. G-Dragon is a BEAST.”

The Glee star is even following G-Dragon on Twitter.

Kevin McHale is known for his role as Artie Abrams in Glee.

Photo Credit: Kevin McHale’s Twitter, Fox, MBC

Source: enewsworld
NOTE: No copyright infringement intended.

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