[NEWS] G-Dragon adapts perfectly to the ‘Infinity Challenge’ style

G-Dragon‘s highly anticipated ‘Infinity Challenge‘ episode was aired on the 29th. In the episode, he relentlessly destroyed his image with cheap fashion and comical face expressions, fitting in perfectly with the other ‘Infinity Challenge’ members.

In the episode, G-Dragon played the rookie recruit Kwon Ji Yong. He appeared at the ‘Infinity Company‘ interview with some flashy fashion and confident talking style. He confidently answered questions and surprised the ‘Infinity Challenge’ members with his wit and quick responses. To Park Myung Soo‘s question, “Doesn’t your stomach hurt because Psy is doing so well?” He answered, “Does your stomach hurt?” He was also asked common sense question such as, “Do you know the bus fare?” and “How much is 20kg of normal rice?” He answered confidently that he didn’t know the answer to either questions, but gained Park Myung Soo’s favor because of his confidence.

However, his confident charm did not last long. He took the coaching advice from Jung Hyung Don on fashion and ended up with large glasses, a shaggy wig, and high waist pants. He also fulfilled the request for him to open his eyes wide and stare up into the ceiling to only reveal the whites of his eyes to make the others laugh. G-Dragon went as far as throwing around toilet paper and his own body away for the sake of laughter, showing an image that was far away from his usual charismatic self on stage.

The 2nd part of G-Dragon’s episode on ‘Infinity Challenge’ will air next week on October 6th. But until then, enjoy the episode below!

Source: Allkpop

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