[NEWS] G-Dragon Hopes to Produce Female Idol Group

Still young, yet already rich, G-Dragon has expressed his will to produce a girl group in the future.

The “CRAYON” singer looked excited when revealing his hope to direct a female K-pop group in an interview with the magazine held at YG Entertainment’s office in Seoul Wednesday.

“I’ve always envied producer Teddy. It’s hard to write and compose a song from the female perspective but he does it so well. I’m hoping that producing a girl group could be a chance for me to learn more and develop [as an artist], and also be a help to the team,” G-Dragon said, adding that collaborating with younger idols could be another great experience for him.

G-Dragon’s wish, however, could come true sooner than expected, as his agency YG Entertainment has been hinting about a soon-to-debut girl group that will follow in the footsteps of K-pop trendsetter 2NE1.

“Yang [YG Entertainment C.E.O Yang Hyun-suk] told me to make a song for them. It’s an order I guess (laugh). That’ll be a fun experience for me actually.”

Instead of young idol stars, G-Dragon has collaborated with veteran musicians for “ONE OF A KIND,” which has become the talk of the town with jaw-dropping sounds and music videos for the intro tune of the same name and the title song, “CRAYON.”

“I’ve learned so much from them, especially some realistic stuffs like different ways of recording music……Since they always do so much more than I ask, I had nothing to worry about [when working with Kim Yuna and Nell],” he added.

G-Dragon’s 7-track record is the singer’s first solo album in three years after releasing the solo debut effort “Heartbreaker” in 2009.

By putting on the first live performance of “CRAYON” and “ONE OF A KIND” on SBS “Inkigayo” last Sunday, the K-pop icon has officially launched his highly anticipated solo activities.

Source: kstar10

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