[NEWS] Member of YG’s Future Girl Group Cast as G-Dragon’s Leading Lady



According to StarNewsYG Entertainment will have one of the members from their upcoming girl group to appear in G-Dragon’s music video for “That xx.”

It was revealed to StarNews, on August 29, that the leading lady is the mystery girl whose picture was posted on YG’s blog, YG Life, on April 10 under the title “Who’s that girl?” Viewers will able to meet the mystery girl when the music video is released on September 1.


YG Entertainment have already introduced 2 of the members, Kim Eun Bi and Yuna Kim, but there’s not much known about the mystery girl except that her name is Jenny Kim and she’s born in 1996. It’s known that she has stunning looks and great music skills. YG Entertainment has allowed Jenny to take part in this music video stating that it works with her image.


YG Entertainment has revealed their upcoming girl group: Kim Eun Bi (‘93) who landed in the top 6 in the audition show, “Super Star K 2;” Yuna Kim (‘94) who almost made it to the top 10 in “Super Star K 3” is from New York; Jenny Kim aka “Mystery Girl #1;” “Mystery Girl #2” (‘95) and another unnamed half Korean-half Caucasian female.


Since it’s already been 3 years since YG Entertainment introduced 2NE1, the public is eating up every and any information given regarding the upcoming girl group. Jenny Kim appearing in G-Dragon’s “That xx” music video is already the talk of the town.


Regarding the new girl group, YG Entertainment stated, “Right now, we’re planning for the girls to debut in October.” They still haven’t revealed how many members there will be in total.


Source: Soompi

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