[PHOTOS][Twitter/Instagram] G-Dragon Updates 120720

Caption: I’m fallin’ in love with her. 다크나이트 대박

Trans:   I’m fallin’ in love with her. Darknight is the best

Caption: Cool!한글 멋있다

Trans: Cool!The Hangul is awesome

G-Dragon also tweeted “Bigbang in shanghai!wussap ya’ll!!”

And retweeted

@ygent_official I posted 3 photos on Facebook in the album “G-Dragon in Paris X Harper’s Bazaar” http://fb.me/21HxwjthS 

Photo Credit: @IBGDRGN

Trans: lucywinslet@forever-gdragon.com

A/N: Looks like someone’s enjoying his stay in Twitter ^^ We’re glad you’re enjoying oppa! Fighting! 🙂

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