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[ARTICLE] G-Dragon Shows Off His Fashionista Side

“Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons draws inspiration from hospitality signs we are all too familiar with. Behold escalator signs riding up and down in a stacked pattern on tees, a very city-minded sign for hotels, cars, library, toilets and policemen. The shirts take on a graphic and very geometric print of multiples in breezy summer palette of whites, greens and blues, splashed over light windbreakers and tees.”

Sources: As linked + DCGD + VIPZ + kirisimawoomou

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woah! no wonder, it’s GD the fashionista. ^^

[VID] Big Bang cuts on the latest episode of 2NE1 tv

cr: sunggie07 @YT and S @bbvipz

lmao!! TOP never fails to crack me up.  Rappers FTW!! though we get to see a glimpse of Taeyang. 🙂




[VIDEO][Cut] Big Bang cuts on ep. 4 of 2NE1tv season2

Can you wait any longer? I CAN’T!!!! T___T deym, miss them so f*cking much. T_T


Source: S@VIPZ