[PHOTOS][Official Merchandise] YG Family ‘Power’ Tour 2014 in Japan Official Goods 140404

 photo yg3_zps4e68c612.jpg

 photo yg4_zpse39c1faf.jpg


 photo shirt1_zps781f99e9.jpg

 photo shirt_zps82735b9f.jpg

 photo yg2_zpse9420c58.jpg
 photo yg1_zpsc804329a.jpg
 photo yg5_zpse5498552.jpg
 photo yg6_zpsbd0a99dd.jpg
 photo yg7_zpsdec1f1ea.jpg
 photo yg8_zpsb8978225.jpg
 photo yg11_zps47d49c34.jpg
 photo yg10_zpseffb7503.jpg
 photo yg12_zpsc134286a.jpg
 photo yg13_zpsc5a56d0c.jpg
 photo yg9_zps0f63a53e.jpg
 photo yg15_zps052e7731.jpg
 photo yg17_zps3df0d8b2.jpg
 photo yg14_zpsad43e9ef.jpg
 photo yg20_zps7d268b46.jpg
 photo yg22_zps13221f92.jpg
 photo yg19_zpse167b2d6.jpg
 photo yg18_zpsf8f8a5a7.jpg
 photo yg16_zps64f06566.jpg
 photo yg21_zps2623feb7.jpg
 photo yg27_zps33526bf6.jpg
 photo yg28_zpsb8e72377.jpg
 photo yg24_zps44a01313.jpg
 photo yg23_zps2947702e.jpg
 photo yg25_zpsf861d60c.jpg
 photo yg26_zps5912fe47.jpg

Source: YGEX site


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