[TWITTER] G-Dragon’s Twitter Conversation with Epik High’s Tablo 140322

This is a twitter conversation that G-Dragon and Tablo (of Epik High) had after Tablo posted on his twitter he would answer 3 questions from fans about their albums.

Translation: “@blobyblo Hyung, about that 5th album.. Why is Haru so cute?””

@blobyblo:”So sudden kkk Haru will go crazy when she sees this Jiyong-ah kkk”
@ibgdrgn:”@blobyblo Please tell her that I’m not an uncle but an oppa, Keep calling me Oppa Kkk”

Translation: “I got it. Haru’s oppa Kwon Jiyong”

Translation: @BIGBANGGisVIP ; @ShrimpLJY ; bigbangupdates


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