[VIDEO] Tablo & Haru talk about GD on Superman Is Back 140316


Haru : Ask Uncle Jiyong if he has ever had this delicious cereal

Tablo : You still like GD that much?

Haru : *nods*

Tablo : Then call him right now? now?

Haru : …. No !

Tablo : Why? because you are shy? *pretends to call GD*

Tablo : *pretends to call GD* Jiyong, Haru eats cereal that is red, green and yellow now, are you envious?

Tablo : u wanna talk to him personally? *hands his phone to her* Haru: *refuses*

Tablo : Why? he is just a person too


Source: 베티핑끄  and @ShrimpLJY


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