[NEWS] Big Bang’s G-Dragon Flashes his Sexy Abs (?)

Big Bang’s G-Dragon rarely shows off his abs, but perhaps he was feeling good one day as he lifted his shirt for his fans.

On September 3, G-Dragon tweeted, “OMG!!” and added a picture of himself, flexing with his shirt rolled up and revealing his (?) hard, well-defined abs.

While the picture showed G-Dragon with the new set of abs, fans were extremely reluctant (with good reason) to believe the abs were actually real and belonged to the singer.

They commented, “There’s no way muscles can look like that,” “That’s a fake that looks real,” and “His belly button looks like a fruit.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon revealed his newest music video for That XX on September 1, receiving a perfect all-kill on the music charts and gaining close to 3.5 million views on Youtube within two days.


Source: eNewsWorld

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