[NEWS] G-Dragon Releases Music Video for Autobiographical ‘One of a Kind’ 120827

G-Dragon has released the music video for his new single One of a Kind, his first solo single in three years.

One of a Kind, a trendy hip-hop single that stands out with unique sounds, serves as an intro to G-Dragon’s upcoming solo album, and was composed by G-Dragon and Choice37, the YG producer who composed G-Dragon’s A Boy and Big Bang’s Bad Boy. The song will not be released officially as a separate single; it was only meant to be released in music video form.
Through lyrics such as ‘A talented bear, more a fox than a bear / A stuck up guy, so expensive’, ‘Young & rich / That’s me’, ‘I’m sorry I’m so popular’ and ‘Please look on kindly, don’t curse / Please look on cutely / Love me’, he tells those who still hold prejudices against him to loosen up and be a bit more generous.

The music video is glittered with designer items, living up to G-Dragon’s name in fashion. Luxury accessories and clothing from such brands as Chrome Hearts and Chanel dress G-Dragon up in a lavish and attractive style.

Taeyang makes a special cameo appearance near the end, showing the friendship the two Big Bang members boast.

Taeyang is also flanked by Choice37, YG’s trainer Hwang Ssa Bu and other crew members that helped G-Dragon be the man he is now to show their support for the singer’s comeback.

The music video was directed by Seo Hyun Seung, who directed Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby, G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker and other YG music videos.


Source: Global MNet 
Credits to BIGBANG for the video


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