[NEWS] Japanese media covers its headlines with Big Bang’s world tour!


Recently, Japanese media has turned their attention toward Big Bang, covering their headlines with the group’s comeback.

On March 5, some of the major newspaper agencies of Japan including, Daily Sports, Sports Hochi, Nikan Sports, Sankei Sports, Sports Nippon, and Tokyo Junichi Sports made a big deal out of 2012 Big Show/ Big Bang Alive Tour which was held at Gymnastics Arena in Seoul from March 2 to 4 and reported related articles in their recent paper.

Especially, Daily Sports, Sankei Sports, and Tokyo Junichi Sports put some special meaning to the group’s world tour in their headlines which read “Magnificent Big Bang, heading toward the world,” “Big Bang fascinates the world,” and “Big Bang, starting off the biggest world tour in history! Jackpot!”

The world tour has already earned positive comments for its upgraded concert program as the world-renowned performance agency, Live Nation, and Laurieann Gibson are in charge of overall directing. The concert is to continue in Japan soon.

Japanese media also showed its expectations over ten upcoming concerts in five different cities in Japan, reporting detailed news about the concert.

This popular male group has officially begun activities of its fifth mini-album and is now off to the world tour which will be continued in 25 different cities of 16 countries.

Source: Xportsnews

Credits: en.korea

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