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[PHOTO][Twitter] G-Dragon with Jo Sung Min & Bennie Rogers 121106

Source: Jo Sung Min’s twitter (@jsmining)

[PHOTO][Twitter/Instagram] G-Dragon’s Twitter & Instagram Updates 120928

“Justin,O and Rennie rock!”

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[PHOTO][me2day] G-Dragon’s me2day update 120925

“뜨거운 성원에 힘입어 고고고! 이번에는 질문뿐아니라 리퀘스트도 받아요. “애교 보여주세요, 춤춰주세요~” 어느것이든 여러분이 원하신다면! 댓글로 남겨주세요.”

TRANS: “Thanks to your unfalling support, go go go! This time, we’re taking not only question but also request. “Show some aegyo, dance plz~” Whatever you want! Write it by comment.”

Source: G-Dragon’s me2day
Translated by: lucy@forever-gdragon.com

[PHOTO][Twitter] Hwangssabu updates about G-Dragon!

“장난 아냐~ 장난 아냐~\ /”

Source: Hwangssabu’s twitter

[PHOTO][Twitter/Instagram] G-Dragon cheers for Korea! 120808

“축구시청준비완료 한국화이팅!!!!!!”

TRANS: “I’m ready for watching soccer Cheer up Korea!!!!!!”

Source: @IBGDRGN, @LueKim for the trans