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[MISC][Trans] Ask BIGBANG – G-Dragon 120904

1. What is the most memorable stage?
“It’s hard to choose because it’s a lot..”

2. When is your happiest moment?

3. Who is the fan who impressed you most strongly?
“I can’t choose because it’s a lot as well.”

4. What is the words that you want to hear most?
“Honey, sweetie and Oppa!” (여보Yeobo, 자기Jaki and 오빠Oppa)

5. What do you think about the world tour?
“It’s hard but I like it!”

6. What is V.I.P to you in 6 letters(Korean)?
“Do I need to say?” (It means that between us, words are superfluous.)

Extra Qs

1. When do you think about us?
“Why would you ask that?” (He is shy now)

2. What is the food that you can cook well?
“Nothing. I only can eat well..”

3. How does it feel to have 6th anniversary?
“I’m deeply moved indeed!”

Source: ygbigbang.com
Translated by: lucywinslet@forever-gdragon.com/@LueKim on twitter