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[PHOTOS][Screencaps] Big Bang’s 4th Anniversary Video 100819

Let’s Enjoy GD’s HOTNESS 🙂

more screencaps after the cut

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[NEWS] G-dragon, to produce their NEW ALBUM for their Korean Comeback…

Group Big Bang is set for comeback the later half of this year.

It is revealed that the earliest they will have their comeback in Korea is in October. They are set to released their 2nd album 2 years after their last album released in November 2008 with title song ‘Sunset Glow’.

YG Entertainment told MTStarNews on 20th August, “Big Bang will be releasing their new album coming October~November. We are looking at a full length album release.” Continue reading [NEWS] G-dragon, to produce their NEW ALBUM for their Korean Comeback…

[PHOTO] Big Bang 4th Anniversary Website

Big Bang 4th Anniversary Website.

Aigoo~ Papa YG is really like a dad to the whole YGE family ^^ so sweet of giving BIGBANG their own website. 🙂

B-I-G TO THE BANG BANG! hwaiting oppas~ cheers to forever 😀

[VIDEO][Official Live] The DAY They Started to Rock Our Worlds

YES! Finally, in HD. ^^ Been looking for this copy for months now. And here it is:

Really rocking the do’! 😀 Love this Big Bang style. Hip and Fresh

cr:  @YT


[VIDEO][Fanvid] Pre-Debut pics of Big Bang

BECAUSE undoubtedly, GDragon is BIGBANG… here’s a little treat for all the VIPs ^^

LMAO! Save the best for last. lol.

But seriously, this video is full of uber sexiness and cuteness. ^^

Enjoy! Some of the pics were new to me… 🙂

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[VIDEO] SeungRi’s birthday song to GDragon 070818

SeungRi singing Jiyongie a very happy bday. SWEET! ^^


I dedicate this song to birthday boy Jingyo! (GD’s nickname)

I’m happy that Jingyo is with me

Just him smiling prettily makes me happy

I’m really happy

I’m happy that Jingyo is with me

My heart is beating

this is really love

Kwon Jiyong, happy birthday!

cr:  @YT

[PHOTO] Joyeux Anniversaire Jiyongie~ 08.08.18

Big Bang’s surprise bday greetings and cake for GDragon in Madam B Salon episode. *August 18,2008* ^^

Why with the French title?

Well, in this MBS episode, Jiyong flaunted his French accent. 🙂

[VIDEO][Cut] G-Dragon’s Cut in Taeyang’s ‘I Need A Girl’ Performance 100717

GD’s cut in  Taeyang’s I Need A Girl Performance