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[VIDEO][Show] BIGBANG on Running Man 150607

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[VIDEO][Show] BIGBANG on Yoo Hee Yeol’S Sketchbook 150605

HD Lies

HD Bae Bae

HD Bang Bang Bang

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[VID][Show] G-Dragon Places 3rd in “MNet Super Idol Charts Show: Male Idols Who are Prettier than Females” 140328

Source: 베티핑끄

A/N: I totally agree with this poll. GD deserves to be one of those male idols. *wink


[VID] Soojoo Mentions Her Vogue Editorial with G-Dragon 140305

In the second episode of Alpha Girls, Soojoo [G-Dragon’s partner in their Vogue pictorial] shows the Vogue editorial that she had done with GD. Her mom’s reaction is priceless. Go watch the vid. Soojoo mentioned GD @ 4:07! ^^

Source: Mnet America


[VIDEO][Show/Subbed] BIGBANG on HEY! HEY! HEY! 120625


Translated by: marthapido
Edited by: mizz_julie
Timed & typesetted by: kinkyjinki
Encoded & uploaded by: LadyC