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[VIDEO] SeungRi’s birthday song to GDragon 070818

SeungRi singing Jiyongie a very happy bday. SWEET! ^^


I dedicate this song to birthday boy Jingyo! (GD’s nickname)

I’m happy that Jingyo is with me

Just him smiling prettily makes me happy

I’m really happy

I’m happy that Jingyo is with me

My heart is beating

this is really love

Kwon Jiyong, happy birthday!

cr:  @YT


[PHOTO] Joyeux Anniversaire Jiyongie~ 08.08.18

Big Bang’s surprise bday greetings and cake for GDragon in Madam B Salon episode. *August 18,2008* ^^

Why with the French title?

Well, in this MBS episode, Jiyong flaunted his French accent. 🙂