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[PHOTO][Instagram] Sean Updated His Instagram with a Photo of G-Dragon 140328

 photo seanji_zps4f41099f.jpg

“#TBT 멋쟁이신사 with @xxxibgdrgn”
TRANS: “#TBT Hip Hop Gentleman with @xxxibgdrgn”

Source: jinusean3000 @instagram.com; bigbangupdates.com
TRANS: @HuisuYoon

A/N: I verified if the post is still in Sean’s IG account, apparently I think he deleted the post afterwards. 


[PHOTO][Instagram Update] GD wants to be a Daddy? 140311

Caption: 나도딸바보되고싶다 #하음 #하나님의마음 #션형 #딸바보

TRANS “@IBGDRGN I wanna become Daughter-Babo too (who takes care of their daughter much) #Haum #GodsHeart #SeanHyung


A/N: Isn’t he cute? I bet he’ll be a very good daddy someday ^^

Source: xxxibgdrgn and  ‏@ShrimpLJY

[NEWS] Strong Heart’s “YG Special” #1 in viewership Ratings

Ratings on the 28th, according to research firm AGB Nielsen Media Research reached an audience of 11.6%! nationally! This is 2.4% increase from the previous Strong Heart episode which reached 9.2% in viewer ratings. Ratings in Seoul jumped from 11.3% to 13.8%. Continue reading [NEWS] Strong Heart’s “YG Special” #1 in viewership Ratings

[VIDEOS][Show] Strong Heart – YG Special


Part 1:

Continue reading [VIDEOS][Show] Strong Heart – YG Special

[PHOTO/TWITTER][120320] Sean updated his twitter with BIGBANG

Photobucket“만원의기적 15번째 주인공 빅뱅이 어린이재활병원 건립을 위해 함께 해주었습니다 한명씩 만원의기적을 신청해주어서 빅뱅이 15,16,17,18,19번째 만원의기적 주인공이 되주었습니다”

TRANS: 10000 Won Miracle’s 15th participant. Big Bang has participated for the construction of a Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital. Each member participated so they count as the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th participant for 10000 Won Miracle.”

Note: 10000 Won is around $10 USD

Source: @jinuSEAN3000
Translated by: @kristinekwak