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[VIDEO][Subbed] Support Message for Park Tae Hwan for the London Olympics

(Click “cc” for the subtitles)

Translated by ANNE @ bigbangupdates.com

A/N:  I love how Big Bang supports Park Tae Hwan and the rest of South Korea’s swimmers. I just got to love this line spoken by Taeyang: “Just like how you come to cheer us on Big Bang’s concerts, this time we’ll be supporting you with our spirit.” As far as I can remember, Big Bang are good friends with Park Tae Hwan and GD and TOP are closest to him.

This message made by Big Bang is so heartwarming to watch. Seeing them support their friend makes my heart smile (like Dae’s eyesmile kkk~) and I can see how they value their friend and his hardwork for the whole country. I hope to see more of these in the future. Go Big Bang and fighting, Park Tae Hwan-ssi! ^^