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[VIDEO][MV] We Like 2 Party MV 150605


(It is so refreshing to see them so carefree like this. ^^ This video just brings back so many memories. ♡♡♡)

[VIDEO][MV] Bang Bang Bang Official Music Video



[This song just makes you want to move along with the beat! Can’t wait to hear it live!]

[VIDEO][Twitter] G-Dragon shares a BTS video from “THAT XX” MV shooting 120907

“나의 피곤함을 달래주는 완소영상하나풀어요..날 항상 웃게만드는그녀..그XX with “죄”니..’제니아님’ 아 귀여워!!!!!!!!!!!쌤!!!!!!!!!!!”

TRANS: “Here is my favorite video which relieved my fatigue.. The girl who always makes me smile..That XX with “Joi”ny..’Not Jenny’ Ah cute!!!!!!!!!!! chief!!!!!!!!!!!”

Source: G-Dragon’s twitter via negimax9 @ Youtube
Translated by: lucywinslet@forever-gdragon.com/@LueKim on twitter

[PHOTO][Twitter] G-Dragon: “Still shooting…” 120907

“Still shooting…졸리다”

TRANS: “Still shooting…I’m sleepy”

Source: G-Dragon’s twitter
Translated by: lucywinslet@forever-gdragon/@LueKim on twitter

[VIDEO][Teaser] G-Dragon One of a Kind MV Teaser 120822

Yes Sir, I’m one of a kind
I’m a bear having many talents, No not bear I’m a fox

*T/N: Fox is more clever than bear in Korea’s traditional fairy tale.

Translated by: lucywinslet@forever-gdragon 

[VIDEO][Official] Making of Big Bang’s “Monster” MV

Click on ‘CC’ to watch with subtitles. ^^

Source: BIGBANG @ YouTube

[VIDEO] Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” MV Final Version (Japanese)

The first MV they released for Fantastic Baby in Japan is “Ver.0”. This is the “Ver.Final” which is very similar the Korean version:

Chech out the Ver. 0 after the cut!

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[VIDEO][Official] The North Face’s “Never Stop Dreaming” MV 120511


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