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[VIDEO][Parody] High High MV Australian Parody

This parody of the High High MV was made by Aussie Duo AussieAsian+WTV, filmed at Sydneys Kpop Dance Club Bounce .

(cr:http://keksprinzessin.wordpress.com /WilliNovaTV)

[ARTICLE] HIGH HIGH MV on the 3rd Spot as Most Viewed on YT

GD and T.O.P’s newly-released music video, HIGH HIGH, is currently #3 on Youtube’s Most Viewed Videos Daily Chart! Let’s aim for 1 million views (or more) by the end of the week^^

cr: VIC of bigbangupdates.com



[VIDEO][Official] G-Dragon and TOP’s High High MV 101214

Source: BIGBANG@youtube

kyaaaa!!! let’s get the views to millions neh? hihihi Am so ‘High High’~ 😛

[RUMOR] Big Bang’s comeback date November 20th? or pushed back to December?


The photo above was posted in an online community and has quickly spread all over the internet, becoming a hot topic amongst netizens and fans trying to figure out what the significance behind it is.
“November 20th 2010, G-DRAGON & T.O.P invites you to the “HIGH HIGH” MV party secret location RSVP only…..“

Some claim an MV might be released that date, or that it could be Big Bang’s comeback date, that it’s fake or that it’s an invitation for a party, while others just have no idea what this “High High” MV could possibly mean.

Big Bang’s comeback being pushed back to December can also be a possibility as a news article recently stated that, “한편 태양은 오는 12월 빅뱅 새 앨범으로 활동을 시작한다” “Come December, Taeyang will begin activites for Big Bang’s new album” (NTN)


Source: photo:bestiz l Article taken from ibigbang
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