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[PHOTOS][Twitter] G-Dragon with Gaho and Jolie at Dolce Vita


[VIDEO][Cut/Trans] G-dragon and Gaho mentioned in Weekly Idol 140319

Rough trans:

They’re saying GD appa takes care of Gaho and Jolie very well, once posting a photo of their food online. So they’re asking them to guess what kind of food GD gives his dogs (what kind of meat).

A/N: GD is such a sweet appa ^^ Isn’t he? 

Source: 베티핑끄 and Chae@FGD for the Trans

[PHOTOS][Twitter/Instagram] G-Dragon Updates 121007

“가호가 힘이 엄청나서 형이 이제 힘이 안돼ㅜㅜ”
TRANS: “Gaho is very strong so hyung doesn’t have enough strengthㅜㅜ”

Source: G-Dragon’s twitter (@IBGDRGN)
Translated by: lucy@forever-gdragon.com / @LueKim on twitter

[PHOTO][Twitter/Instagram] Taeyang shares a photo of Gaho & Boss 120904


Source: Taeyang’s twitter