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[PHOTO][Fanmade] Fanboy Got GD Tattooed on His Skin

Fanboy from Venezuela got this tattoo. Amazing right? 🙂

Source: carlosmunoz (Tumblr)


[PHOTO][Fanmade] G-Dragon spotted in a club (?)

Find Jiyong in the picture.. haha!

I know you’ll find him easily.. 🙂

all for fun ^^

cr: DCGD

[PHOTO][Fanmade] G-dragon and TOP (GTOP) starring in a movie :D

to all GTOP lovers out there, this one’s for you 🙂

the picture speaks for itself.. haha!!

cr: DCBB gallery

[PHOTO][Fanmade] GD and Seungri Elbow Incident :D

korean VIPs are making fun of the elbowing incident of Seungri and GD 🙂

G-Ri Love ❤

cr: big bang dc gallery

[PHOTO][Fanmade] G-dragon Money plus Big Bang Bonus :D

fan-made G-dragon currencies 🙂

Big Bang bonus under the cut..

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A/N: LMAO at KNetz who did this. Jiyongie oppa really looks like Dami unnie 😀 And our leader’s fashion sense is so flexible that he can look very feminine yet very masculine too! 🙂