[MISC][Trans] BIGBANG’s the new endorser for Tencent’s ‘We Moba’

A representative from YG Entertainment had stated they will be collaborating with China’s biggest game publisher company for a mobile app game called ‘We Moba’. The endorser for the game will be YG Entertainment’s BIGBANG.

Big Bang - We Moba - 2015 - 02

Big Bang - We Moba - 2015 - 03

‘We Moba’ is the world’s first 5MOMA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) mobile app game. Before it is even advertised in the market, it has already topped the IOS App Store Charts and gained good reviews. The game will be released to China’s market on 1st September.
A representative from Tencent has been communicating with BIGBANG, “We are so glad that we can collaborate with such BIGBANG who is such an influencer in China. They will be participating in ‘We Moba’ ‘s different activities and Tencent will also do its best to promote the game via different platforms.

Big Bang - We Moba - 2015 - 11

GD: Who Am I? Trend Creator/ Fashion Controller

Big Bang - We Moba - 2015 - 10

SR: Who Am I? The Symbol of Victory/ All rounded music lover

Big Bang - We Moba - 2015 - 09

YB: Who Am I? Soulful Dancer/ Unique Vocalist

Big Bang - We Moba - 2015 - 08

TOP: Who Am I? Team Charisma/ Shocking Visuals

Big Bang - We Moba - 2015 - 07

DS: Who Am I? Bringing the laughter, Charismatic

Source: KoreanStarDaily, MobaQQ; Translated by choiseunghyxn@forevergdragon.com



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