[MISC][Lyrics] Translation of The Baddest Female (GD version)

Source: bigbanggisvip | chanmi0601

Translation request from @youngbaebi

I couldn’t really hear some parts so I left those parts out.. I put (???) on parts that I didn’t get. I’ll try to translate those parts when I get a clearer fancam! Also, this might not be 100% accurate so please keep that in mind T_T lol

The Baddest Female (GD ver.)

Girls call me honey

Guys call me hyung

I’m the best, the one and only cool guy

I’m sorry but I love you

Everybody knows that I’m a liar (reference to bigbang’s song ‘lies’)

Yeah (baby) We’re fantastic baby

(?????????) I make you go crazy

GD is faster than G5 and G6 (huh)

All my b-boys and b-girls, now follow me

I am the proudest

I’ve got the guts

My skills are given

What you dream of every night

My smile is a killer

Cuz it kills everyone

If you want it come and get it now


I’m a bad boy, I’m a bad boy, I’m a bad boy

Where all my Bad boys at?

Oppa ya~ Oppa Oppa Oppa Oppa


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