[ARTICLE]Kim Soo Hyun, T.O.P, G-Dragon ‘Korean Celebs Foreigners Want to Date’ 140411

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Wedding information site DUO with PR agency Korspot surveyed 1,147 foreigners (642 females and 505 males) from North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc. from March 3 – April 5 asking them if they would want to date / be in a relationship with a Korean.

According to the results, 90% of the survey participants said yes. The top reasons among females were:
1) Interest in Korean culture and language – 27.4%
2) Hard-working and strong sense of responsibility
3) They seem cool

Among males:
1) Pretty – 23.2%
2) Very cute / lots of aegyo
3) Interest in Korean culture and language

Among those who said no (115 participants), their reasons include:
1) Cultural differences – 40%
2) Too hard-working that they seem tired
3) They seem conservative

When asked which Korean celebrities they would want to date, the female participants answered:
1) Kim Soo Hyun – 23.1%
2) Big Bang’s TOP – 20.2%
3) Big Bang’s G-Dragon – 19%

Among men:
1) Jun Ji Hyun – 18.4%
2) SNSD’s Yuri – 13.5%
3) 2NE1’s Sandara Park – 12.9%

Source: Heraldcorp


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