[ARTICLE][Interview] G-Dragon’s Interview from ‘100 People Who’ll Make Korea Brighter After 10 Years’ 140402

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Q: If you write your autobiography, what is the best moment of your life?
GD: It didn’t come yet. I’m waiting for it, expecting

Q: Have you ever had a moment that changed your life? What was that and how did it change your life?
GD: It’s music, I got to have a dream seeing a senior singer who was singing on stage. It made me dream and made the dream come true. It made who I am now too.

Q: Any moment of failure or the time that made you learn a good lesson you don’t forget still now? How did you overcome the failure or hardship?
GD: A few years ago, I made my family, fans and all the people around me disappointed with personal mistakes. Positive thoughts and the spirit that doesn’t allow me to give up made me work for music again. Trust, attention and love from the public were like a debt. I tried to pay my debts.

Q: What do you want to say the most to your childs to prepare for 10 years later? You can say something as advices for the youth in Korea too.
GD: Believe in yourself. It is hard to focus on only one thing in this world, but keep going for one work, then you will succeed anyway. Don’t worry too much. Think positively.

Q: If you consider your success of life 100, how much do you think you are successful in family relationship? What did you give up to be successful?
GD: 67 ? I’m still the youngest kid in my family. But I don’t act like other youngest childs. I didn’t spend much time with family, it’s the biggest burden to me still now.

Q: Tell me if you have a secret to manage your life. Do you try to keep in shape or improve your mind specially?
GD: I don’t know how adults will think about this but I sleep as much as possible. Actually, I sleep much but I don’t have enough time to sleep usually. So I sleep much whenever I can. I like to dream and I get inspired by the dreams.

Source: News.Donga.com
Translation: @ShrimpLJY


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