[ARTICLE] Mnet “Dirty Talk” Compares Idol Rappers Zico and G-Dragon 140328

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On the second episode of Mnet variety show “Dirty Talk” aired on March 27, the panelists discussed the subject of whether BIG BANG’s G-Dragon or Block B’s Zico is the better rapper.

In order to properly compare the two, the show had prepared a chart of idol rapper rankings currently making its rounds on an online community forum. According to the chart, Zico ranks at number one, with G-Dragon in second place, and B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk and Block B’s Kyung tied for third. They are followed by BIGBANG’s T.O.P and Brown Eyed Girls‘ Miryo, while BEAST‘s Yong Jun Hyung and 2NE1‘s CL are notable mentions.

Music critic Im Jin Pyo stated, “G-Dragon tries to draw a big picture with his music. If we’re just talking about rap, I think Zico is better. Zico’s identity is rap. Actually it’s all personal preference but if we’re just considering rap, it’s Zico, while if you’re looking at the big picture, it has to be G-Dragon.”

Producer Duble Sidekick stated, “Zico started out as an underground rapper. Although he has his Block B activities, he’s still carrying out underground activities, so he’s got a strong identity as a rapper. G-Dragon learned to rap when he was in his fifth year of elementary school. He prepared words that were difficult for an elementary school student in order to write his raps. He was really amazing so I took him a famous producer in the hip hop world and that’s how he released the song ‘My Age is 13.’”

According to Duble Sidekick, rappers can be divided into three types, “The first is a rapper who was cast into an entertainment agency after working underground. The second type of rapper is one who was trained as an idol rapper. The last type of rapper has the looks but can’t sing, and is therefore a rapper. Rappers can be separated into those who can make raps, and those who can’t. Originally, rappers had to write their own rap lyrics.”

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“Dirty Talk” is a program that allows viewers to leave burning and bizarre questions on its message board. MCs Kim Gura, Yoo Se Yoon, Lee Sang Min, producer Duble Sidekick (Jang Geun), music critic Im Jin Pyo and a one-day MC discuss interesting topics and try to satisfy the curiosity of viewers.

(Note: It is also interesting to point out that netizens and fans from all genres and groups of music all disagree with parts of the list, and many argue that the list doesn’t seem right, but this is just one list and it was used for the show.)

Source: Soompi


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