[ARTICLE] After School’s Lizzy on dating G-Dragon: “G-Dragon is too high up” 140330

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On the March 28th episode of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt,” After School’s Lizzy addressed some old dating rumours about her and G-Dragon, stating that “G-Dragon is too great of a person and too high up” to be suitable for her. Lizzy also addressed the details of the rumours, commenting, “Apparently people I don’t even know saw me at a bar with him. It was hilarious. I don’t even wish for a guy who’s as great as he is; he’d be too great for me to date.”

Responding to Lizzy’s comment, MC Heo Ji Woong pointed at ballad singer Sung Si Kyung, wittily retorting, “There’s a great person here, too,” eliciting laughter from all the members.

The netizens who saw the episode had various entertaining comments about Lizzy’s dating rumours: “Lizzy’s nervous facial expression when they brought up the dating rumours”; “Lizzy was so cute trying to clear up the dating rumours”; “I really hope the dating rumours weren’t true”; and more.

Though it is unclear whether the rumours were true or not, speculation seems to always be a source of great entertainment for netizens.

Source: Osen via Koreaboo blog


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