[PHOTOS][Fantaken] G-dragon at Incheon Airport going to Shanghai HQ 140322

 photo 0322-09_zps0b3dc7df.jpg
 photo 0322-07_zpsb96d25f1.jpg

 photo 0322-05_zps4ec70760.jpg
 photo 0322-04_zpsf55753d6.jpg
 photo 0322-01_zps26dcdc14.jpg
Source: with-gdragon

 photo 1403221344_zps369b115d.jpg
 photo 1403221340_zpscada42b9.jpg
 photo 1403221335_zps4c15f740.jpg
 photo 1403221324_zpsff66a977.jpg
 photo 1403221310-1_zpsd4392521.jpg
 photo 1403221357_zps294ab2de.jpg
 photo 1403221371_zpscc37ac55.jpg
 photo 1403221309_zpsc81e4db5.jpg
Source: avril


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